Monday, 6 October 2008

My very first post!

Well, that's it, my blog.
After looking at all the lovely blogs out there for a while I finally started my own. 
Still trying to figure it out really, so please stay with me! Hopefully you'll soon be able to see some cards and other bits here!



katy said...

Hello Alex, welcome to Blogland !! Looking great so far, love your header.xx

Lesley said...

hi huni...its pinkles from docrafts it ok if i add u 2 my blogs i love 2 visit...cause i love all ur cards...luv n hugs lesley...xx

Kathleen said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!
Look forward to seeing it progress.
Will add you to my 'Follow' list!

Michele said...

Hi Alex, 'Sharpey' from Docrafts here. Welcome to the world of blogging. Have just started one myself.
I will add you to my blog list so I can see how you are getting on.
Luv Michele x

Helen said...

Hi Alex,
Welcome to blogland! I took the plunge a month ago...and am soooo addicted to all the challenges already!
Looking forward to seeing some of your gorgeous cards on here soon!
Helen (heffalump) x

Chrissie said...

If an old dinosaur like me can do it... so can you. It looks good so far. I shall follow your progress with interest.
aka chrissyjob
PS I'd love to know the origin of your Blog and Docrafts name!!!

Saz said...

hello Alex welcome to blog land and about time too!!! i have added you to my blog and have also added you to my follow list

hugs Sara x

~Emma~ said...

Hi Alex. Its dementedmum here! Just wanted to welcome you to blog land! Look forward to seeing you around on here. Hugs Emma.x

Joey said...

Hi Alex, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, so very addictive, so much fun and so many new friends!. looking forward to seeing more, hope its ok that I add you to my blog

Anonymous said...

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