Monday 23 February 2009

New releases from Elzybells with Mega Blog Candy!

I just went to have a look at the Elzybells new releases and they are gorgeous, I especially like the cupcake and tea ones, so versatile!
Head over to their blog here and try your luck to win ALL of their new releases! I keep my fingers crossed!

Sunday 22 February 2009

DT challenge for High Hopes

Hello and good evening,
this is just a quick one, as I am late for the challenge/DT quest. Only just remembered that I needed to upload this one!
I don't own a High Hopes stamp so I used one of the new Whiff of Joy images, hope you like it!
Papers are Basic Greys Scarlet Letters, coloured the image with Copics and used some Antique Linen Distress Ink to age the pic and edges of the paper. Lace is from my mum...

Wednesday 11 February 2009

New Release from Whiff of Joy out soon!

Isn't he just so sweet? I can't wait until the set is released! And to boot, Katharina offers the set as a prize if you go to her blog and leave a comment. Go check it out!

Friday 6 February 2009

OH MY GOD - award and tags...

I have just noticed that I have received a few awards and a tag over the last few weeks that I didn't even acknowledge. Sorry!!!
I want to thank you all so much for them, I feel very honoured that you thought of me.
Now to the huge task of getting through them...
Debra has awarded me this one:

I pass it on to Rica, Laura, Tanya, Debs, and Lesley!
Michele has actually given me two awards! Thanks hun, I am touched!

I pass this on to Saz, Kirsten, Mina, Shell and Barbara !
I also have been given this:
The rules are:
a) List 10 honest things about yourself, making them interesting.
b) Pass it on to 7 other bloggers who you feel embody the spirit of Honest Scrap. 
So my 10 things are:
1) I don't like pralines/truffles but I am given them quite often so I pass them on to others...
2) I am actually quite a boring person but try to make it look as if I was interesting in some way *lol*
3) My first real boyfriend and I stayed together for 10 years before we split. I suffered for a year, he apparently still isn't over me...
4) I moved to London for a year of work experience and ended up staying!
5) I once worked behind the bar of a brothel for a week! I was the only girl dressed in the whole thing and it was a bit creepy, but good money for nothing more than serving drinks to customers and girls... (Actually, I think, this is quite interesting & honest, don't you think?)
6) I gave birth to two beautiful boys without any pain relief.
7) I sometimes hide from them in the toilet when I need 5 minutes of peace.
8) I sometimes cheat when I cook and use instant gravy that I just add cream or sth. to without saying it's instant...
9) I sometimes cannot bear to part with a card I made.
10) I started drawing and painting at the tender age of 1 when my mom used to give me pencils and paper and I would sit in my highchair for ages being quite happy.
And I pass to Vanessa, Tab, Carol, Annie, Julie, Eileen, and Mina!

Eileen has given me this lovely award:

and I am supposed to give it to people who make me feel special. I would like to give it to Kathleen, Julie, Jules, Suzi, Debra, and Gina!
Joey has awarded me this one:

It is to be passed to 5 others and I  want to give it to Clare, Christine, Chris, Eileen, and Tara.

I also got tagged by Michele and Christine. You have to go to the 6th folder of your computer and the 6th picture in it has to be shown here with an explanation of what is on it.
This is actually a bit difficult for me as my Mac has several ways of displaying folders etc. I went with alphabetical and this is what came up:

It's a pic of my lovely little boy Jacob last Christmas. He is just playing with some Playmaize (coloured little tubes of foamy things made from Maize that stick together when wet) he got from his Grandma. He is totally captivated and didn't even notice me taking pictures.
I am tagging Kathleen, Laura, Joey, Gina and Tanya.

Hope you can forgive me if you have had those awards/tag already! I am off now, to let them know!

Thursday 5 February 2009

Sorry, I am a bad blogger!!!

Hello everyone, 
sorry I haven't posted for over a week now! I have been so busy after the weekend away in Blackpool that I didn't have any spare time. Hope you'll forgive me and come back regardless to view my ramblings and projects.
I had the most marvelous time in Blackpool with lots of fantastic crafters! I was demoing a few colouring techniques and despite me being a bit nervous about it at first at went really well and I think the odd person even learned something! How about that?
I made a few cards for some fellow crafters this week and hope you like them! No card recipes this time as I have some new stamps I got at the Glitterpot this morning screaming to be used :-)
Thanks for stopping by!