Friday 28 January 2011

No card today...

Hello bloggers,

sorry, nothing to look at tonight but I am not feeling too well, cold got to me, and am a bit down (just a little argument with the o/h).
But wanted to keep up my good work on updating my blog regularly and not slip back into old habits. So there you go, poor readers, you are the ones to endure my moans *lol*
I actually did a little crafting today as my boys are going to two kids parties this weekend and I needed to make cards and presents to take. If I feel good enough I'll take pics tomorrow although they are nothing like the stuff I normally show... Imagine, on the one card I didn't stamp, emboss, die-cut or coloured a thing! I designed the outside on my computer, printed it off plus a few extra bits to go inside as pop-ups, that's all... not my usual, is it?
If you don't want to see this, just let me know in the comments and I'll spare you ;-)
Night, night, I am off to bed soon and catch up on some sleep and hopefully get over that d*** cold.


Moni said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs,moni

Julie said...

Oh take care, matey - hope you feel better soon!! Blummin men!!! Juliexx

Grenouille Greetings said...

Poor Alex! My hubby has something buggy too. He went to bed straight from work.
You MUST post what you make. If people don't want to see then they don't have to look!
I do hope you feel better soon!
Think happy thoughts. It won't get rid of your bug but it might help to cheer you up. Bakers twine, Copics, PTI ... just some happy thoughts to get you started! Love Lesley

Anonymous said...

Gute Besserung! Ich hab meinen Freund auch angesteckt, aber jetzt geht's wieder besser. Viele Grüße aus dem kalten Heidelberg!

tilly said...

OH, poor you, we have been very lucky in the bug department so far this year, I hope you are soon feeling better ad the boys enjoy the parties.... yes please, look forward to seeing what you do without your be-loved stamps and colouring lol
Tilly x

Carole of Brum said...

Hi Alex, sorry that you are feeling poorly and down, petal, hope it doesn't last long and that the cold gets better and that you and OH make up. yes of course I want to see what you made, you must post it up.

Have just been catching up with all your recent posts....and you said you hardly ever post!!!! lol. Lovely to see what you 've been making. Hugs, CoB

Squirrel x said...

Hey Alex, sending you big, warm, furry, get well wishes - this darned cold is everywhere just now - and I hope things are soon back to normal with the OH. Can understand you feeling down, I hate rows. Of course we want to see what you created hun, just because it's not stamped doesn't mean it won't me fabulous. You take care. Hugs, Sxx

Sarpreet said...

sounds like a lot of people are unwell atm