Thursday, 20 November 2008

No cards, but fab news - for me!

Didn't have much time for crafting since my Marathon evening. I am slightly panicking now as I need to get a few more things done before next week Saturday, as there is a christmas fair I have a table at. Enough time to make something, you think? Well, it would be, if I didn't go on a short notice 4- day holiday on Monday!!! I am really excited as the last real and proper holiday is so long ago that I can't even remember when that was! Only seem to be going to visit family normally and that is still at least as much hard work as my normal routine, just without the chance to do some crafting in the evening.
So where are we going that is so exciting you ask? Prepare to laugh... We go to Centre Parcs Longleat Forest! I know, not exciting for most of you, but for me it is. I have never been to a Centre Parc in my life and heard so many good things about holidaying there with small kids! They even have kids entertainment, so I might get a bit of free time to myself! Now, do you think I should take some crafting stuff with me? And if so, what???? Wel, I still got the wekend to think about that and get a few things done for the fair as well... Take care and thank you for visiting!


Heather said...

Hi Alex,
I never go away without taking something with me - don't want to spend a holiday suffering from withdrawal symptoms (lol). Sometimes it just some stamped images and colouring mediums.
If you don't take something, you wish you had - if you do, you probably won't use them.
Not a lot of help am I ?
hugs Heather xx

Joey said...

Hi Alex, enjoy your break away!. I would do like what rica has said and take some stamped images that you can colour that way they will be ready to go when yor back. whether you will get a chance to colour them is another story

Nessie said...

well done Alex!!!

I took my small craft tote on holiday this year with a few pre stamped images, pens, cut out paper mats etc....

I really enjoyed crafting in the evenings when my LO had gone to bed.

Have fun

Kathleen said...

You'll absolutely love Longleat. The zoo, the house and all the other attractions are great. And if you get the passport you can return within the year to see what you don't get round to seeing.
Now the maze - that's another story. I spent 5 minutes in the maze - managed to get straight out without getting to the middle and then spent about 45 minutes waiting for everyone else to get out!!

Saz said...


i dont think you will have time to craft hun, my sister has just got back from centre parcs and loved every minute of it they are already planning the next visit there, they had so much fun and there is lots to do! they parked the car in the car park and that was the last they saw of it until they were going home.

have fun

Sara x

carol said...

hi alex i see you have more great cards on here too! just found you blog and its great thats why i have left you a little something on mine, enjoy you holls carol x

amanda stokes said...

Hi Alex.Ooooh a holiday you lucky thing!I went away for a short break in sep and totally enjoyed just spending time with the family.It's nice to have a break from crafting sometimes and your mind will be refreshed and full of new ideas for when you get back!enjoy!amanda x x

Laura (Faerielore) said...

hope you have a fab time darling you must go to longleat zoo it looks brilliant, apparently i have been there when i was very young but dont remember :o/ and yes you should deffinately take some images to colour or something

oh and before i forget there is something on my blog for you xxx

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Alex, hope you have a great time - I have a friend who ALWAYS goes to Center Parcs, because she has such a great time. If you get a chance, there is something on my blog for you. Kirsten x.

Michele said...

Hi Alex, hope you have a great time. We went to Centre Parcs when my two were younger and loved it.
I have left something on my blog for you and it's very well deserved.
Michele x

ikki said...

Hi Alex, I'm sure you will have a great time with your children at the park - enjoy your holiday with them they very quickly grow up. Don't think you will have much time for crafting there's so many other things to do. Enjoy. Ikki xx

Caroline said...

hope you've had a fab time away Alex!

Check out my blog, you've been tagged!! x x