Saturday 19 February 2011

I am tucked away in bed...

Hello my lovely bloggers!
I am stuck in bed at the moment with a really nasty stomach virus that my darling husband decided to share with me *Yeurgh* I feel really ill and whenever I try to get up after a few steps I need to sit/lie down again. But hubby got over it quickly in about 2 days so I hope it won't be long.
There is an upside to it, too. Being stuck in bed I got to play around with some crochet hook and yarn and made my first flowers! All thanks to the wonderful Dorcas who posted some of her homemade crochet flowers together with some videos on stitches. Being german I couldn't make heads or tails from the tutorials I'd seen before, although I do know the basics of crochet. Dorcas however posted videos that explain which is which and a list of abbreviations and the differences between english and american stitch names. Now I am all clued up I can't stop making them.
I finished a little head band earlier and will now start to decorate it, if I am pleased with the outcome I will share pictures!


G Peplow said...

Hi there, poor you:{
I really hope you feel better soon. Would love to see your creations, when you're feeling better! Keep warm, Big Hugs:0) xxx

Linda said...

Hope you feel better soon Alex, I learnt to crochet when I was a little girl, but its been out of fashion for a while. Now I see crochet flowers on cards so I suppose I should make some, I look forward to seeing yours soon. Linda xx

tilly said...

Hello Alex
Hope you are soon feeling better, just as well you have 2 boys or they would be covered in flowers now you have the hang of it lol

Noreen said...

Hope you recover quickly Alex xx

annies place said...

Poor you, hope you get better soon.
Must have a look at the crochet I just got a present of the crochet bible, not tried anything yet.
Take care Ann x