Monday 28 February 2011

Awards, awards :-) number three!

Hi, it's me again... I didn't get to post the third award yesterday, kids getting in the way *lol* Why can't they live without food and drink and entertainment for a few days, he?? *g*
Well, here we go, this is the lovely award I got from Moni

The rules are similar to the last one, thank the person you got the award from, tell 7 things about yourself (will be hard to think of more stuff...) and pass it to 15 bloggers (OMG, that's a lot!).

7 things about me:
1. I am quite generous, I like to give stuff to people that I think they like just because I love giving... or maybe I just like it when people are happy?
2. I can't stand the taste of banana and I hate the taste of coffee but love the smell.
3. I often start things because I got ideas flooding my brain and then don't finish as something else has come up that I want to try/do.
4. I am bad at keeping secrets unless they are important or I have promised someone to keep it. I will probably tell someone if it's something I just wanted to keep to myself. How stupid, eh?
5. I've got a degree in graphic design and wanted to become an illustrator for children's books...
6. I could happily spend days on days in my craft room just colouring, only to emerge for food, drink and to use the loo/go to sleep!
7. I am devastated (well that's a bit harsh, but I really hate it) that I don't seem to have a proper cardmaking style but flit from one thing to the other without being able to do one style properly.

Now to the really hard part, passing it on to 15 bloggers...
I won't say anything about them apart from "go and check them out" as they are all fab and you won't regret it!
6. Joey
10. Bev
12. Ikki
13. Rachel
14. Julie
15. Caz


Jennifer said...

Hi Alex. Hope you're ok?..Awww thanks so much for thinking of me! Hugs xx Jenny xx

Rachel said...

Hi Alex.
Thanks so much for this award hun :) I'll post it asap.
Hugs, Rachel xx

Carole of Brum said...

Alex, congratulations on all your recent's a bit like the Oscars reading your blog tonight, lol. All well-deserved though, but I am so surprised to read that you feel you don't have a cardmaking style and flit from one thing to the other....erm, that would be the VERSATILE part of the Versatile Blogger award, silly!!!lol, and you always manage to make any style your own too.

Thanks so much for thinking of me for this award, I really appreciate it. I shall have a think who to pass it on to. Hugs, CoB

ikki said...

Hi Alex, thanks for thinking of me for this award, much appreciated. I have been looking through your cards, just love your digi images especially the Easter cards they are so cutie, but also classy. Not a company I'm familiar with, and obviously need to check it out. Thanks again. Hope you are well, miss the DC forum folks and I have just seen an old (forgive the word Carole of Brum) friends face in your messages. Eileen