Sunday 27 February 2011

Award, awards :-) Number one

Seems like someone likes me after all *lol* In the past couple of weeks I have received 3 lovely awards from fellow bloggers and I haven't had a chance to blog them yet. So I am going to try catching up a bit  now and hope for the best.
The first one I got from my lovely friend Kathleen is this one:

The idea behind this award is to promote little-known blogs to a wider audience.

In accepting this award, I must agree to the following:

1) Decide if you will accept the award, and if you do, create a post on your blog and show the 'Favourite Blog' badge with pride.

2) Link back to the person who gave you the award and let them know if you accept the award or not.

3) Choose 3-5 of your favourite blogs to tag. Add a link to these blogs in your post and give them the good news.

Well, I always have trouble choosing only a few blogs as there are so many wonderful places that inspire me and I am sure most of them must have had these awards already. But because I have to get through three today I will keep this short and sweet!

-Lesley from GrenouilleGreetings has become a true friend to me and her blog is always worth a look! She never stops amazing me with her creative imagination and the little details she puts into her artwork!

-I know for sure that Kerry of ALoadOfOldPickle has this award, because Kathleen has awarded her, too, but she is a big inspiration for me, too. Her style is very CAS which I love and I even cased her before... *lol* (and she is a very kind and generous person, too!)

-Julie from CatchMeCrafting is another of those fab bloggers that never cease to amaze me! And she is one of the best crafty friends you can imagine. I am giddy to say that I am going to meet her and Lesley again very soon for a crafty play day!


pickle said...

Aww Alex thanks xx

Julie said...

Thanks so much Alex - sending all the love right back at you!!! See you soon! Juliexx