Tuesday 10 March 2009

Tanmo tagged me... a while ago actually

I am really embarrassed to say I didn't see she tagged me - on the 22nd of February. Anyway, now I will fulfill my duty and answer :-)
I have to tell you 20 facts about myself, so here goes:

1) I was born in Germany and lived there until I was 26!
2) My husband is german as well, which makes both our kids german as well although they were born in the UK.
3) I love tidying my craft area and reorganizing it when I have some time spare (doesn't happen that often)
4) I spend too much on craft stuff...
5) I love cooking and baking and used to throw parties/dinner parties just so I could have an excuse to cook for lots of people.
6) I am afraid of spiders and snakes.
7) I would love to have a pet but fear I would not have enough time for it so so far didn't get one.
8) I hate driving if someone is watching me.
9) I have been married for 5 years this May.
10) I plan so many things that I want to do that I usually get into a muddle and don't get everything done. Need to really learn to say no...
11) I have a very good sense of smell/taste and when I was in Greece for a holiday I tasted that a wine we ordered was not the same as the one we had before (It was, but from a different cask!)
12) I have trouble understanding sometimes if people joke or not... makes me look a right thicko!
13) I don't like truffles or pralines.
14) If I had to choose between never having chocolate again or never having blackforest ham again, chocolate would always loose.
15) I used to have bright red spiky hair with platinum blonde highlights at the front..
16) I made my first card when I was 9 and sold them at christmas market!
17) I am a direct descendant of Charlemagne (not all on the male line though) and that makes me and my kids eligible for a grant/sponsorship if ever anyone of us wants to study law or religion...
18) I am a gadget girl and love shiny new tools, especially crafting or kitchen stuff...
19) I had my first job when I was 14 as a waitress in a cafe and worked pretty much ever since until I had my first baby, Paul nearly 5 years ago. Since then I am a slave *lol*
20) I used to be good at maths in school but now have trouble even doing simple calculations... I blame the braincell eating kids!!


Kathleen said...

Charlemagne, hey??
Kathleen x

Anonymous said...

happy to meet another fan of gadgets! My blog is mostly about the kitchen type, but I am into crafting and sewing as well, and there are always gadgets for those projects too! :-)

P.S. My name is German, but I was born here in California...sometimes, I wish it was the other way around :-)