Saturday 13 February 2010

Merry Christmas, happy new year and... SORRY!

I am really sorry I have gone AWOL for so long! My life has just been crazy with lots of illness (mainly my little ones), additions to the house being done (new flooring was the latest, and yes, it looks fab and was worth it!)
Anyway, I have had a little virtual slap on the wrist from the lovely Lesley for not posting and I have promised myself I would make an effort to post again more regularly!
I have been meaning to do this all week and only didn't because I have soo many pics to share that I need to get from my camera onto the computer and uploaded here as well as add some description of sorts... a daunting task and I kept putting it off. Now I bit the bullet and post WITHOUT any pics. Yep, that's right. Now that I posted this I will make sure to upload a few pics at a time until I caught up. Hope you can bear with me and you can forgive this naughty blogger!
Bye for now, got to tidy the house for parents to visit today... have a lovely day, bloggers!


Squirrel x said...

Oh Alex, I have MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Glad you are ok, and fab to hear from you. Shall be expecting some of your gorgeous creations now..... Huge hugs, Squirrel xxx

Julie said...

Yaayyyyhhhh! So lovely to have you back in blogland, Alex- can't wait to see some more of your fab work!! ( And to see YOU in a few weeks!) Big Hug, Juliexxx

Ruth said...

Hi Alex, welcome back to blogland!!Speak soon, have a great weekend, Ruth x

Janette said...

It's sooo good to see you are back again....can't wait to see some of your amazing makes......x