Saturday, 11 June 2011

Do things really come in threes?

Hello bloggers!
I really hope things come in threes, because that should mean I am through with some bad stuff for now!
About 3 weeks ago I fell down the stairs and got a rather large bruise on my behind as well as two smaller ones on my back and arm to show for it. The a few days ago I accidently bit very hard onto a fork and one of my front teeth crumbled a bit. Thankfully it only felt weird for a couple of days and now it's only a little chip that's come off (although I suspect the tooth is more fragile now...).
Well and now, on Thursday afternoon I had an accident in the bathroom. I hit the top of my head with the door handle while coming up from crouching and our door handles are kind of square with sharp corners. Ouch! I cursed a bit but thought not that much of it until I felt blood pouring out. As I couldn't see anything on top of my head I asked a friend from round the corner to look at it and she nearly gagged (but she is not good with blood and wounds to be honest *lol*). She pursuaded a very reluctant me to go to hospital where I was told it was good I had come in because it needed to be glued. So there, here I am now hoping, that's it for a while. Hate the thought of not being able to properly wash my hair for 4-5 days, only water, no shampoo. And brushing is hard, too as I have to avoid that area.

But enough now with the self-pity. I have some more stuff to show you later today from my classes and maybe I'll show you my husbands birthday card and gift wrapping as well. He turned 39 yesterday and we had a nice but uneventful day. And since he doesn't read my blog I can tell you, he's going to be taken out for a nice meal tonight. I told him, I am going on a Girls Night Out, but my girlfriend is coming to babysit, not pick me up ;-)


Ruth said...

Hi Alex...sounds like you've had a rough time. Your head gash makes me feel woozy! Hope things improve and you have a great time tonight, Ruth x

jan.angell1 said...

You must have invited the Bad Luck Fairy in! I hope that's enough accidents for the time being and that you have a great time with Mirko tonight.
Jan xx

tilly said...

OOOOOOOOO Alex, the head sounds painful especially with the two little ones lol,,,,, hope you have some good luck now and that you had a lovely meal out

Julie said...

Oh sorry to hear about all your bumps and scrapes!! Hope you're through the worst of it Alex- we must arrange a play date soon! Big (but gentle) hugs!! Juliexxx

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

OOh Alex, I so sorry you poor thing, I think you've had a run of bad luck! I hope that you're not in pain and that you heal quickly, big hugs:0) Hope that your meal was good? Take care now! Gay xxx

Moni said...

Alex hope you are feeling better now, and I am sorry to hear about that bad news. Have a fab weekend. Hugs,moni