Monday, 30 January 2012

Copic Numbers for my tulips jar...

Hello bloggers,

as I have seen some of you at least want to know what colours I used to do the tulip jar image in my last post, I thought I'll oblige and give you the details on it.

Right, let's get to it:

I use the blender pen a lot as well as BV00 and BV000 for shadowing on all of it, so I won't mention those separately in every step.
For the leaves I used YG67, YG63 and YG 61.
The yellow tulips were done with Y17, Y15, Y11 and Y00 plus a little Y38 for the darker sections.
For the red tulip uses R59, R29, R27, R24, R22 and R20.
The white/yellow one is done with Y21, Y00.
The light pink one in the bottom left corner uses R81 and a tiny bit of R83.
I've done the lilac ones with V17, V15 and V12.
For the jar screw-top and the shadow on the ground I used C5, C3, C1 and C0 and for the glass BG13, BG11 and BG10.
You might not have noticed in the picture but I used B000 on the upper right background to give a hint of a backdrop as well.

Hope this helps some of you and I'll try to write down colours when I post next times right away!

P.S. Just in case you didn't know, you can always click on any pictures in my posts to see a larger version!

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