Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Blog candy alert!

Bev is giving away a fabulous blog candy here! Be sure to check it out, it is yummy and I hope I win! Never won any candy so far but will keep trying *lol*. Thanks for the chance, Bev!


Nessie said...

Thanks for your advice Alex, I watched some demo's on Utube & understand its all in the building up & layering of colours now. I think the initial set I chose was not a great choice as all the colours are too different. I think I will slowly start collecting colour familys to enable me to blend them together. Many thanks, when i have mastered them I will post an example for you to look at.


Michele said...

Hi Alex, I have given you an award, which is waiting for you on my blog.
Michele xx

Kathleen said...

Alex - you have been tagged!!
Pop over to my blog for the details.
Kathleen xx

Neve38 said...

Hi Alex,

Sorry, just seen someone else's post but I have tagged you also on my blog.

Joy xx

Lisa said...

Hi Alex, Just noticed you have already been tagged but I have also tagged you - sorry! x

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, there is a little something for you on my blog.
Erin x

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, you have been tagged. Details are on my blog.
Erin x